HELPING THE LAMINITIC HORSE  - Find out how complementary therapy and remedial farriery can help               
Laminitis is an extremely painful and debilitating condition, and is highly traumatic for the equine. It requires immediate professional help and veterinary intervention should always be the first port of call.  
At Flawborough, we have much to offer to the laminitic horse - Complementary therapy, remedial farriery and support and advice  are just some of the many tools we have to achieve the best outcome for the equine. 
Spa brings relief
The eminent Australian veterinary surgeon and laminitis specialist Chris Pollitt discovered that ice cold water is a very effective treatment for stress induced laminitis.  
Cold hydrotherapy spa treatment can offer much in the rehabilitation of the laminitic: with water kept at a constant 2¬?C, it can get feet colder than any other treatment - accelerating hoof growth and offering much needed pain relief.
One client commented: 'You could almost see the relief in my ponys face during the Spa treatment'!
Remedial farriery
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One unique innovation - in the treatment of laminitis - is the application of Imprint shoes. They are made from a patented, low melt, thermoplastic that enables the shoe to be moulded and glued to the hoof without the use of nails - this is non traumatic for the horse.  
The results can be amazing, even within a few hours of the Imprint shoes being applied. They provide immediate support which can stabilise and inhibit pedal bone movement - and take the pressure off the sole, resulting in much needed pain relief.
Further rehabilitation solutions for the laminitic are also available and may include dietary reviews and recommendations. And then there is box rest - with suitable management techniques - and exercise programmes to assist in progressing recovery. 
Flawborough have had remarkable responses in the treatment of laminitis and by working as a team with vets and using complementary therapies to deliver bespoke rehabilitation solutions to we achieve success. 
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 By Emma Hawthorne - Proprietor and Treatment Manager at Flawborough Equine Rehabilitation Centre
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