TREATING BACK PAIN IN YOUR HORSE - Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments

Back pain in the equine is extremely common.
At Flawborough Equine they successfully treat many cases each year. A sore back is not only debilitating but it can also lead to reduced performance.

There are many causes of back pain including lameness and dental problems as well as conditions affecting the vertebral column and associated soft tissues. 
Early recognition of back pain is important, since damage may be cumulative. Signs are usually subtle and are often confused with those caused by other problems, including behavioural issues.  And some horses are more sensitive to back pain than others - or respond differently - and show more obvious signs.  
Many different treatments are available but for treatment to be effective then accurate diagnosis is essential to identify the underlying cause. So we always start with a thorough veterinary evaluation,then work with veterinarians and owners to identify the best therapies available to target the cause of pain. At this point wel develop a bespoke rehabilitation programme as the reality is that there is never a single solution for all cases. 
A cutting-edge diagnostic tool and must have modality here at Flawborough Thermography is non-invasive and by looking at changes in the horses thermal and neural pattern - it provides a quick and efficient way to identify trauma and injury. An example of this is where an ill-fitting saddle is causing discomfort.
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Those used to treat back pain include Manual therapy, Sports massage, Physiotherapy, Infra-red Heat treatment, Pulsed Magnetic therapy, Laser therapy, McTimoney manipulation, SCENAR technology and even Dentistry!
Dental problems can surface in many ways and a horse may give an indication of back pain when moving by way of avoiding a painful dental area. 
To read more about individual treatments follow this link:
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A horse needs to be in the best possible condition if it is to perform to its full potential. Following treatment for back pain, we put together carefully designed individual programmes of gradually increasing exercises and appropriate schooling to allow optimum rehabilitation - and achieve the best end result for each case. 
And to keep horses on the road, we advise the use of complementary therapies - as part of a training programme - to reduce everyday stresses and strains. A regime of continuing assessment and treatment can make the difference you are looking for!
Whilst a horse is in our care, we can gain a valuable insight from owners going beyond the horse's medical history. It may be that the rider is the source of the problem and so its good to talk as we can advise as to how aspirations may be best achieved for the future.

By Emma Hawthorne - Proprietor and Treatment Manager at Flawborough Equine Rehabilitation Centre
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