KEEP YOUR HORSE HAPPY THIS WINTER - Your simple check list!

  1. Do a realistic assessment of how much riding you can do during the winter months. If weekends are your only option then tailor your horse's activities to allow for his reduced fitness levels.
  2. Feel your horse's legs daily for problems. Catching issues like mud fever in the early stages will be beneficial.
  3. Regularly check your horse's tack and rugs through winter - if the horse gains or loses weight, his equipment may not fit so well.
  4. Check your horse's weight on a monthly basis.

    HA2032Bob Atkins

  5. Remove any mud from your horse's coat otherwise your horse could develop skin problems.
  6. Pick the horse's feet out at least twice daily.
  7. Check for signs of problems such as thrush.
  8. Ensure you have a spare outdoor rug in case one gets soaked.
  9. Make sure you remove your horse's rugs every day and check for any rubs or injuries.
  10. Invest in a shoulder saver for your horse to wear under his rug.
  11. Ride out using waterproof exercise sheets - then you can be sure your horse will be dry enough to rug up when you finish riding.
  12. Use lungeing or in-hand work as an alternative to riding - especially if time is tight.

  13. Remember to check your horse's field water supplies every day.

    HA1695Bob Atkins