PADDOCK CARE: Don’t be Lulled by Lush Green Paddocks!

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The recent spell of warm dry weather has given a much needed boost to ourwinter-beaten paddocks, but don’t be lulled into cutting corners when it comes to grass nutrition. That’s the warning from paddock expert,Chris Wilton of G-uup AgriBio Services Ltd. 

Mr Wilton is concerned that despite appearances, plant health will still be weak after the long winter and will be missing vital nutrients. “The winter deluge of rain put a lot of stress on our grassland, and although paddocks appear to be recovering remarkably well, plants will still need a lot of TLC to get them through the summer, especially if we have the hot one forecast!”
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And if you’re worried about fertiliser applications causing overly lush growth, Chris says that a long-lasting, slow release, natural plant food is the answer. “Whilst weeding and scarifying or harrowing are important, good plant health is the most central element of grass care, as plants still need additional nutrients to thrive throughout the summer. 

“Treating the grass with a slow release fertiliser will feed it without causing excessive growth. New technology developed from agricultural practises is now available for horse paddocks in the form of freeze-dried, water soluble, naturally occurring ‘friendly’ bacteria and organic plant food. 

“It works in symbiosis with the grass avoiding the lush growth spurts that most horse owners want to avoid.The combination of organic microbes and natural, liquid foliar nutrition fertiliser helps maintain controlled grass growth throughout the season.”

The roots explore the soil for nutrients which in turn provides good tillering of the grass, notes Mr Wilton. “In fact for those paddocks used for haymaking, the slow release fertiliser, G-Upp, is proven to increase the quality and dry matter of the hay.

“Grass care starts with the roots, what goes on underground is always reflected above ground and strong roots below ground will also provide a better ‘anchor’ and help keep the grass together if the paddock is also used for schooling or jumping – or if you have a lively horse!” he adds. 

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