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Mucking out

Tips to help you survive the winter and stay sane!

  • It helps if you can get into a mucking out routine that suits your horse's stable manners. For instance, if your horse tends to urinate in just one place, it's quick and easy to sort the rest of the stable first and then simply remove the wet bedding.
  • If your horse tends to be a mucky person, burying his droppings or spreading them around the stable, it might be quicker and easier to scrape over the bedding with your fork to find clean bedding which can be tossed on to the banks and then remove the soiled bedding.


  • If your horse is a relatively tidy animal it's often quicker to pick up any droppings using rubber gloves and a reasonably sized skip before starting to sort out the clean from the soiled bedding.


  • Keep rubber gloves and a skip outside your stable so you can remove droppings regularly as this helps to keep the bed cleaner (especially if your horse tends to trash his droppings).
  • Ensure your mucking out includes the banks in your horse's bedding. If you don't do this, the material in the banks, especially if it is straw, can become musty and horrible.