COOL, CALM CORNERS - Establish a discipline for riding good corners

Riding your corners correctly won’t just keep your instructor happy – It will improve your horse’s way of going too.

Quick tips to help you establish the discipline for riding good corners.
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  • If your horse finds this exercise difficult, spend a few minutes away from the poles using leg yield on a circle. In walk or trot, spiral in to a 10m circle, the leg yield it out again. This should help your horse soften and engage.
  • Always repeat your work equally on both reins.
  • Make sure the collected walk is positive – don’t allow your horse to dribble around the corner.
  • Think of your horse as a piece of plastic – you have to keep working him and moving him around until his soft, pliable and you can put him where you want him.
  • If you loose the quality of the trot, spend a minute or two correcting it away from the poles. Flex him a little to the outside. Work him softly into the outside rein so he relaxes into it rather than fighting against it.
  • Always make sure your legs are on before you ask for any shortening with the hand.

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