If you want to improve your marks in dressage tests it's worth thinking about how you ride corners. Here's why....
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How does your horse cope with corners? Does he fall in? Does he just try to take charge and 'motorbike' around? If he does, then you're spoiling your chances of getting the following movement correct - and you're bound to lose valuable marks in dressage tests.

It's important that as the rider you do not encourage your horse to 'motorbike' - so ensure you keep your bodyweight central and your shoulders level. While you should turn your body slightly to match the bend of your horse you need to be careful that you do not lean inwards around corners.

Make sure that every time you ride a corner you practise good 'behaviour' ie half halt just before the corner to re-balance your horse, ensure you keep a good bend in your elbows and open the inside rein a little to create good bend.

Don't forget that your inside leg should be supporting your horse and preventing him from falling in. Ask for a little more impulsion through the corner and set your horse up for the next movement.

It's the little things that all add up to improve your riding and your performance so pay attention to detail.
* Remember, don't try riding too deeply into corners if your horse is not very well balanced! 
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