RIDE CIRCLES WITHIN 20M CIRCLES - Improve collection and impulsion

With this exercise you ride a 20m circle, stay in walk or trot, and then within the 20m circle you ride 4 x 10m circles eg from B, E and from the centre line on the two occasions you cross it.

  • You need to think about collecting your horse on the smaller circles so that you generate more impulsion, however, you need to ensure your horse is bending correctly on the smaller circles and that the circles you are riding are accurate 10m circles.

circle exercises 01

  • So, ride a 20m circle on the right rein from B and the next time you reach B, ride a smaller 10m circle to the right, rejoining the larger circle again at B, travel around the larger circle until you cross the centre line, where you ride another 10m circle to the right, then rejoin the larger circle and ride to E, where you ride a 10m circle to the right, rejoin the larger circle and then cross the centre line again, riding another 10m circle to the right, rejoining the larger circle and returning to B. Now you can just ride around a 20m circle from B, ensuring you go up a gear in your trot. 
  • This exercise should help your horse to bend his hocks more and lower his haunches - but be sure that you have the correct bend and that you are turning your horse from the outside rein.
  • Once you are both comfortable doing this exercise in trot you can try it in canter. The faster pace makes the exercise more difficult so make sure you are equally good on both reins in trot before moving up to canter. Remember that you are aiming for a collected canter otherwise the exercise will be difficult to do.