Understanding your health needs is as important as understanding your horses health!

Understanding your health needs is as important as understanding your horses health!
Generally I have found riders look after their horses way better than their own health.
As we all have our own unique blueprint of DNA (unless you have an identical twin) so your health is very unique to you. This one size fits all or here is a protocol for “strengthening your core” or the keto diet for weight loss. 
It is more important to understand the primary factors that encompass your health.

  • Health has several key factors that influence it.
  • Biomechanics - how the body moves.
  • Biochemistry - how well our bodies are operating:homeostasis (how you digest your food to feed your cells so they can metabolise and excrete chemicals to power you)
  • Mental/emotional - how we think and our beliefs
  • Environment - the foods we eat, the fluids we drink, where we live (toxins), social interaction, quality of life.
These key factors all influence each other so by just doing one thing on its own you may not create a change or find the driver that is creating the health or movement issue. 
As a health and movement coach I have worked with many riders over the last few years and they understand how to care for their horse more than themselves and when this is only 50% of the partnership I find unfathomable. 
A rider will watch how their horse is moving when they go and collect it from the paddock, if it is not sound or looking stiff they normally investigate further before attempting to ride and if lame they would not ride or do some mobility work.
When I ask the rider how they check how they are moving before they get on the horse they reply I don’t!!! 
  • This is such a disjustist to the horse as the rider can be creating soreness or stiffness or the horse may seem agitated but it's how the rider is sitting that can be an issue, if you dont gets assessed how do you know. When was the last time your instructor asks you to do a walk up to see how you are moving? 
  • How you are moving could be influenced by your health (the interactive diagram above). I know as a rider you would not leave your horse without water or give in unclean water to drink but as humans we don’t look at hydration. In the summer months they will add electrolytes but we consume drinks that dehydrate us!
  • To the same degree you understand what feed your horse needs but not your own eg you wouldn’t let your horse roam free eating a field full of fresh grass but we happily consume too much or foods that are not good for health.
It astonishes me how much riders spend on their horses but don’t realise that by not looking after themselves they could be creating some issues for thier horses.
I have a saying what you do for your horse should you be doing it too? https://ipcoach.co.nz/
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