LOVE YOUR LEATHER - Follow these simple tips

Leather boots are subjected to much more mud, water and even horse urine than a bridle would ever be, but most people clean their tack more than their boots!  

Quality leather footwear - such as Mountain Horse's - is made to last but boots will last even longer if you look after them.

Leather is a natural product and will inevitably crack with lots of abuse and no care! Follow these simple rules:
  1. Wipe dirty boots with a damp clothor a quality leather cleaner. Household detergents may damage the leather permanently.
  2. If boots get soaking wet, don't use them again until they're properly dry.
  3. Dry wet boots away from direct heat such as radiators, boilers or fires. Use scrunched-up newspaper inside and replace it regularly until they're dry.
  4. Once dry and clean, treat them with a decent leather balsam or conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple. 


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