YUMMY TUMMIES! - Dealing with competition nerves in your horse

Aloeride 3d cropped high
Competition nerves can play havoc with your tummy and the same could be said for some horses with 90% of racehorses and 60% of competition horses displaying some form of digestive problem*.

To help soothe and support a healthy digestive system, Aloeride is a taste free, totally organic aloe vera supplement, which can help relieve digestive irritation and also encourage a greater nutrient uptake from the appropriate diet, which will also assist your horse in feeling and looking his best. 

Other benefits from feeding Aloeride also include help in promoting a glossy coat, healthy skin and strong hooves, through to supporting a healthy immune system – all key factors for the competition horse. 

Aloeride has also been tested by an accredited Newmarket laboratory and doesn’t contain any synthetic compounds and comes in easy to feed in convenient, sealed sachets, helping to enhance your horse’s performance the natural way!

Fans of the product include established eventer and ex-racehorse trainer Victoria Bax, top show rider and producer Loraine Homer, international dressage rider Lucy Cartwright  & Australian natural horseman Jason Webb.

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