As a reminder the guideline "norm" is: 

Temperature 38 degrees C. 
Respiration 8 - 12 inhalations to the minute. 
Pulse 36 - 42 beats to the minute   

Each horse will vary slightly, knowing what is normal for each horse is an important part of horse management. Without this information, how do you know when to take action or call the vet? 

Every responsible owner should know the temperature, respiration and pulse rate for any horse in their care. The vital signs should be checked when the horse is at rest; checking 2 or 3 times over the period of 7 - 10 days to ensure the recording is correct. Without this knowledge it is difficult to confidently know what action you need to take, including when to call the vet.

When trying to determine what is normal do not, for example, check a horse's pulse rate after fast exercise, or when the hunt has just galloped past. It is highly likely it is going to be quicker than when at rest. If your horse is in pain his temperature will drop and rise if a fever.

Information for each horse should be recorded on a chart or in a book and kept in clear view near the first aid cabinet along with the number of your vet. More veterinary and horse care advice read more