Firstly ensure there is nothing wrong with your horse physically,then look at yourself, are you secure in your seat and using your aids correctly, check the bit some horses react to harsh or uncomfortable bits by just refusing to move forward, is your tack fitted correctly and your horse comfortable.

Now try some of these quick tips:

  • Work the horse on the lunge, making lots of transitions, to help motivate him and think forwards.
  • Hack out with a forward-going horse to encourage the unmotivated or lazy one to go forwards.
  • When riding use lots of transitions, both from one pace to another, and within a pace. eg from working trot to medium trot.
  • Don't let a lazy or unmotivated horse make you compromise your riding position.
  • Use your whip just behind your leg so your horse makes the connection between whip and leg aid, encouraging him to move forwards actively.

In order for a horse to be interested you must do interesting things.