umberellaVolunteers are the backbone of every equine show or event, many of which would not be able to function without these amazing people giving up their time.
The number of volunteers required varies on the size and nature of the event however the duties are all as vital as each other from the organising committee to the car park steward to the litter picker. 

Every organiser will be grateful for your involvement from local riding shows, Hunt shows, point-to-points to the wonderful events at championship level. 
If you want to get involved contact associations for information and training days or simply ask organisers how you can help.
The following positions listed are just a few examples of the many jobs required supported with a brief description of the role, however there are many other roles that are available such as crossing stewards, traffic controllers, drivers for officials, runners for odd jobs on the day and catering just to name a few.. 

 Stewarding in collecting rings 
All collecting rings for all our wonderful equestrian sports are always very busy and often tense. This responsible position is vital to keep the schedule running to time and generally involves teams of three or four; it is very rewarding and exciting to witness your equine hero's first hand.
Main Arena Maintenance 
Here you will be required to help set up the jumping course and then maintain during the competition under the guidance of the course builder. This job is very important to ensure the smooth running of the classes and allows you to be close to the action.
bootshotFence Judges/Stewards 
This job is often done in pairs however more maybe required depending on the obstacle and the level of event. A thorough briefing is always given prior to the allocation of your fence and experienced judges will always be paired with newcomers. Enjoy a day in beautiful countryside and experience the action first hand.

Score Collectors 
This position can cover all areas from dressage, show jumping and cross country in eventing and Hunter Trials and also from course stewards in endurance and driving trials. Depending on the area which you are controlling will depend on how you collect the scores, on foot, bike, quad/motor bike or pony. It is a wonderful way to see many parts of the competition and be truly involved in the day's activities.

Scoring team
All the score sheets are handed in to this team who then calculate the scores and report to the Chief Score who will operate electronic scoreboards at larger events or blackboards at local events.
Needless to say this is a very important duty involving an understanding of the relevant scoring system and a good level of mathematics.

Dressage Writingclipboard.hand2
The writer sits with the Dressage Judge often in a car or small room so cleanliness is essential! You will need to write down all the judges comments and marks throughout each test.

A good knowledge of riding and dressage terms is very useful and if possible revising the tests before hand will help both you and the Judge.

A wonderful opportunity to dressage riders to learn how a judge views and marks each movement, which will undoubtedly benefit your own test. 

Contact your local organisers or National groups to offer your help, it is a very worthwhile and rewarding experience.