CROSS COUNTRY - quick tips for jumping narrow fences

  1. If you have trouble riding a straight line place an object at the end of your straight line so that you have something to focus on and aim at.
  2. Make life easier for yourself by keeping your horse's pace consistent before, over and after he has tackled the pole on the ground and then the jump itself.
  3. Is your balance steady? Can you correct it if necessary? Practice keeping your balance riding through turns and over trotting poles before tackling this exercise.
  4. Are you anticipating the jump and getting ahead of your horse's movement? Remember that if the fence is small there is no need to get anxious or go into an over-enthusiastic jumping position.
  5. Once you can tackle a narrow fence happily, test your skills by building narrow fences in different parts of the school or as the second part of a double.
  6. Once you are proficient at riding narrow fences in the school you can tackle them on cross-country courses. Start small and don't overface yourself or your horse. You might also want to tackle jumping a corner - you'll find help on this later in this riding section.
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