An amazing series of demonstrations 'Is your horse trying to tell you something' by Sarah Ridd (advanced dressage rider and vet) 
wymarsh dressage_arena 
The demo entitled 'Is your horse trying to tell you something?' was hosted by Advanced Dressage rider Sarah Ridd and vet, farrier and chiropractor all rolled into one Jose Garcia.  The team were joined by a number of new faces all keen to see Sarah's horses Bunnie and Copper in action and of course to sample the delicious home made cakes on offer!
Both horses used in the demonstration, Bunnie and Copper were firstly warmed up by Sarah and then un-tacked and presented to Jose who explained how he works as part of the Weymarsh team and regularly treats the horses to achieve the consistent wellbeing and best performance from the horses.  

              wymarsh dressage_man_and_horse                                         wymarsh dressage_woman_man_and_horse

Jose described how the equine chiropractic work that he practices focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of biomechanical dysfunction of the skeleton, the spine and it's effect on the nervous system throughout the body.  On both horses Jose initially performed a head to foot static palpitation to assess any misalignments within the body, followed by a few minor 'adjustments', which is the technical term for realigning the misalignment with a short sharp thrust along the plane of the joint.  

During the treatment both horses were very relaxed with Copper lowering his head and beginning to lick and chew.  Bunnie and Copper were then re-mounted and the effects of the treatments were clear for all to see, both horses looked far more free and loose in their movement and the overall appearance was of strong, supple, happy horses working well.
 wymarsh dressage_horse_bowing
The next demo in the series is 'The Painted Horse - A visual insight into how muscles really work' on 22 June at Weymarsh Dressage.  Hosted by Sarah Ridd and renowned equine sport's maseur Jonathan RoulstonTunnell, this demo which will feature a painted horse which will be ridden by Sarah and used to explain the biomechanics of the horse and how the muscles actually work.
 Weymarsh Dressage, Lower Trunley Heath Farm, Trunley Heath Rd, Bramley, Surrey, GU5 0BW.  Contact details are Claire on 07803 728 646 or Sarah on 07951 011 052.