New PIKEUR Grip Breeches - Guaranteed non-slip


The new PIKEUR breeches models with innovative Grip coating in the seat and knee insert areas are guaranteed to be non-slip.
PIKEUR PR FS14 PIK Premium 150x110

More elasticity!  

Maximum comfort!
PIKEURGRIP BREECHES pikeur grip image                                                                                                                                         
Special process technology now makes it possible to apply a polyurethane coating to the well tried and tested PIKEUR breeches fabric. This is particularly slip-resistant, hard-wearing and does not rub-off. The material remains completely elastic and the 100% textile fabric has the added advantage of being skin-friendly and breathable.

The new Grip models are available for

Ladies: Lucinda Grip (seat insert), Prisca Grip (knee patches)

Men: Rossini (seat insert), Rodrigo (knee patches)

Children / Youth:Lucinda Girl Grip (seat insert),Prisca Girl Grip (knee patches)

The new PIKEUR Grip Breeches are available immediately from equestrian stockists 

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