New To Dressage Deluxe!

Premium retailers Dressage Deluxe are delighted to welcome yet another exciting new brand to their virtual shop floor, equine products and bitting brand Bombers Bits.
Bombers Bit

Discovered on a buying trip by Dressage Deluxe’s MD Alison Nye-Warden, ‘Bombers Bits’ offer a lifetime guarantee across their bit collection and work along the philosophy that a horse is an animal of flight, so it will never yield to pressure or pain and will either move away from it or run away. Their bit collection is hand crafted with this ethos in mind and with the focus on promoting a positive response and acceptance from the horse. Their signature ‘Blue’ blaze of colour across each bit is the result of the change in colour after treating the sweet iron and ensures that their collection is instantly recognisable.

Commenting on their arrival in-store, Alison says:

“I’ve been in discussion with Bomber for some time and we are delighted to be able to introduce them to the UK dressage market”

As the largest UK retailer for the ‘Dressage Bit Collection’, Dressage Deluxe will be carrying the South African bit manufacturers and designer’s key dressage styles include the Bombers Loose Ring Elliptical Comfy Snaffle (Shown) £62.00.
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