Tuesday, 27 June 2017 08:56

A Smart move for Castle Horse Feeds

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Smart horse owners are always looking to feed their horses the very best possible, without breaking the bank, and new developments by Castle Horse Feeds are set to make that a whole lot easier. 

Castle Horse Feeds was launched in 2001 by Hay & Brecon Farmers - a busy farmer owned cooperative that dates back to 1902. With a mission of producing feed to the same standard as the National Brands, but at a lower cost to horse owners, Castle Horse Feeds saw rapid growth in its South Wales heartland.

In April 2016, Hay & Brecon Farmers launched Smart Horse Nutrition. A premium horse feed brand producing a small range of high spec products, the Smart Horse range challenges existing premium brands in their choice of ingredients and nutritional specifications, whilst retaining the Castle ethos of the lowest possible cost for horse owners.

Word has quickly spread of the quality and value offered by both Castle and Smart Horse Feeds, with an increasing number horse owners throughout the UK and overseas choosing this smarter way to feed their horses. Earlier this year it was decided to merge the two horse feed brands, incorporating the Smart range into the existing Castle Horse Feeds Brand.

As part of this merger, the whole Castle Horse Feeds range has been reviewed. Many of the premium quality elements of the Smart Horse brand have been incorporated into the newly revamped Castle range, especially in the choice of raw materials used and the use of Zinpro® performance minerals and XP yeast metabolites. 

As a result, the new Castle Horse Feeds range can compete nutritionally with any high spec horse feed on the market today, so by choosing Castle, you get better feeds for less!

Whilst the new formulations are already out in feed bins around the country, the smart new Castle packaging will be introduced gradually over the coming months, as the company’s strong environmental principles could not condone existing stocks of bags being sent to landfill. 

With a number of new products in development, a new, user-friendly, modern website with help and advice from the resident Castle Horse Feeds Nutritionist Lisa Elliott MSc and great plans to connect with horse owners across key social media channels, Castle Horse Feeds is on a mission. And with the newly revamped Castle Horse Feeds range encompassing feeds from the economy sector right through to nutritionally advanced feed balancers, a smart move to Castle can improve your horse’s diet, whilst saving you money.

For more information see www.castlehorsefeeds.com where you can browse the revamped range and ask any horse feeding questions you may have. Or if you prefer to talk, simply phone the Castle Help Line on 01497 570345 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions you may have.