Sunday, 12 February 2012 15:13

Munch's new life..thanks to Jessica & Pure Feed

When Jessica Flack saved a horse from the meat man she then had a new issue - how best to put weight on her poor boy. Help came from The Pure Feed Company.

'I purchased Comanche Warrior in the poor state pictured below in a bid to save him from going for meat as he had failed as a steeplechaser' said Jessica. 'He had been fed on a very high protein diet which caused him to be much too stressy, and as a result he colicked with his previous owners on several occasions.
'He was then just turned away to pasture on his own and at some points was accompanied by cows. He had been turned away for approximately two years before the owners decided that they couldn't afford to keep him on and were offered a sum of money for him to be bought for meat.
'Luckily I saw a plea from someone on a social networking site urging his re-homing before he was let go to the 'meat man'. I immediately contacted her and went to see him two days later and immediately fell in love with him. He came home with me two days later.

Munch Before

'I then had to face the fact that he was probably going to be tricky to feed, considering that he was obviously easily upset by certain feeding plans. I then came across The Pure Feed Company who were incredibly helpful with any question I needed to ask. 'Munch', as he is now called, was put on to Pure Condition and the after picture (see below) is Munch after just three weeks of being fed it.

Munch After

'He is going amazingly well on the ground and in his re-schooling and is showing great potential which I really do believe couldn't have been done without Pure Condition. I have since been recommending it to everyone'.