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The recent mix of sunshine and rainfall has helped to give many struggling pastures a much needed spring boost, but don't be put off applying fertiliser because plants will still need additional nutrients to thrive throughout the summer, warns Chris Wilton of AgriBio Services Ltd. 
Mr Wilton is concerned that despite appearances, plant health will still be weak after the long winter.Following several seasons of really dry weather, and then last year's deluge combined with too little sunlight, has put a lot of stress on paddocks. 

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Weeding, scarifying or harrowing are all important, but good plant health is the most important element of grass care. This starts with the roots - what goes on underground is always reflected above ground, explains Mr Wilton. 
Treating the grass with a slow release fertiliser will feed it without causing excessive growth. New technology developed from agricultural practises is now available for horse paddocks in the form of freeze-dried, water soluble, naturally occurring 'friendly' bacteria and organic plant food.  

 It works in symbiosis with the grass avoiding the lush growth spurts that most horse owners want to avoid. The combination of organic microbes and natural, liquid foliar nutrition fertiliser helps maintain controlled grass growth throughout the season.

The roots explore the soil for nutrients which in turn provides good tillering of the grass, he notes.In fact for those paddocks used for haymaking, the slow release fertiliser, G-Upp, is proven to increase the quality and dry matter of the hay. Strong roots below ground will also provide a better 'anchor' and help keep the grass together if the paddock is also used for schooling or jumping - or if you have a lively horse! 
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Why is G-Upp revolutionising paddock care?


Good paddock management is the key to healthy grass and healthy horses. G-Upp is derived from natural microbes and plant substances. The microbes live in and around the plant helping it access nitrogen and phosphorus in immediately biologically available forms that the grass can use for its own growth. The growth promoter aids photosynthesis and adds micro-elements that the microbes can utilise.
Benefits to the paddock;
> Natural plant growth substances give season long better pasture
> Great root establishmenthelps combat adverse weather conditions
> Improved haymaking: It increases the quality and dry matter of the 
 Benefits to the horse;
> The grass is more digestible
> There is none of the 'lush growth' associated with traditional fertilisers so there is less propensity to cause laminitis.
> G-Upp gives controlled, uniform growth throughout the season 
Benefits to you;
> Small 1kg pack is easy to handle and transport 
> Dilute for easy application via a knapsack sprayer
G-Upp - the journey to market
G-Upp has been developed over the past three years from work we were doing with our agricultural products. Sold all over the world, these products help farmers achieve good crop production by alleviating some of the stresses a crop has to cope with. This can be temperature, water or light related or all three!
The yard where we keep my daughter's horse was having real issues with a lack of grass due to the difficult, dry conditions we have had over the past few years. The farmer there asked me about using our microbes to help - and the idea for G-Upp was born...
Top Tips!
> Weed your paddock before applying the product as weeds will respond to the nutrition just as well as the grass!
> Reapply every 3 months throughout the season (mid-March to mid-November) to ensure a good season long response. 
> Applications in the autumn will set the paddock up ready for the winter.
> You cannot mix G-Upp with herbicides or fertilisers. It should be applied separately and you should thoroughly rinse out any
sprayer that has been used for weedkilling before using it to spray G-Upp.
> For best results, regularly poo-pick your paddock

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