Horse Care - Questions & Answers

The first horse I ever bred is now just over three years old and she has started to develop lumps under her jaw. What could be causing this?

It sounds like the tooth bumps young horses develop on their lower jaws. The adult teeth are forming in the jawbone but haven't yet erupted into the mouth. Young horses from the ages of three to five can get these…

Can my horses bedding cause thrush. What exactly is this?

Q. Last year I deep-littered my stable to save time but my friend says I should be careful in case my horse gets thrush. What exactly is this?A. Thrush is a very smelly horrible problem - basically it's an infection…

My horse does not do much during winter so I just feed him plenty of hay. Is that okay?

Lots of horses and ponies can cope well with just hay. The only extra you should add is a vitamin and mineral supplement to compensate for any deficiencies in a forage-only diet.