OASBY - Find out how Becci and her young 5 year old get on

First event of the season.. Oasby.
It's that time of year again, riders up at the crack of dawn, rushing around like mad, getting themselves, the horses' and the lorry ready to set off for that event. The first event of the season at Oasby was no exception for Becci, the only difference being she woke to sub zero temperatures and snow on the ground…. Is she mad! and to make matters worse Becci arrives and is greeted by mud, loads of it, she has never seen anything like it in all the years she has evented, there were even tractors waiting to tow everyone to the lorry park...

Becci shares her Oasby performance (click here to catch up on Becci Part 1)   
Firstly a huge thanks to all the guys and their tractors for being so efficient and friendly!
becci and_mud
It was hard enough for everyone  to wade through thick sticky mud, but imagine Lady, my unbalanced five year old trying to wade through slippery mud in a well churned up and vey tight arena - Not a pretty sight trust me! Unfortunately Lady's test reflected the conditions and so did the Judges comments "Mud not helping you today, sorry that we are not able to give you the marks you deserve...‚Äö√Ñ√π 
The show jumping ground was very good considering the conditions, they had moved all the fences to new turf which was great. 
becci and_show_jump
We went in and jumped a super clear, giving us both lots of confidence going into the cross country.

I walked the course and knew it was going to be a great first run for Lady. Before I knew it we were off out of the start box. Lady jumped the first 5 fences perfectly, and I could tell she was always looking for the next fence and really enjoying herself. 
We jumped fence 5 brilliantly, she was amazing, so I gave her a quick 'WOAH' to steady her for the next fence which I knew was a drop down followed by a jump back out. Unfortunately Lady slipped in-between the two fences, losing her back end and her rider in the process‚Äö√Ѭ∂. BANG went the air jacket as I hit the ground‚Äö√Ѭ∂but Lady just stood patiently next to me. 
I was told I could remount and carry on and as the fall had happened in-between fences there would be no penalties added. I quickly took off my air jacket and was about to remount, when I was informed that I would have to be checked over by the doctor before I could continue. It felt like a life time before the doctor finally came across, and after asking me a few questions including, if I knew my name! He gave me the nod to continue. I was absolutely fine so jumped back on. Lady was a bit nervous going down the drop but she soon regained all her confidence and finished the course well. Unfortunately what would of been 6th place turned into 14th with 80 time penalties - they didn't stop the clock when waiting for the doctor. Nevertheless I was very pleased with our double clear especially it being Lady's first event - and we both live to fight another day!
becci and_jump
Candy was the star of the show with another double clear in the BE100 open. She flew round making it feel easy and confirming that she  is ready to move up to Novice level again very soon! She was bang on the optimum time and performed amazingly well - we finished in 3rd place.  
My other half finished our day off perfectly by capturing my fall on camera, talk about being in the right place and right time for once!  See video below.

Video link 

Next event is Stafford BE100 plus for Candy and BE90 with Lady.

Becci's Eventing Calendar for the next few month
Date           Event Level             Horse  
10-Mar Oasby BE90/BE100 Candy Blue & My Harlequin Lady
17-Mar Forest Gate BE90T/BE100T Candy Blue & My Harlequin Lady
24-Mar Stafford BE90/BE100 Plus Candy Blue & My Harlequin Lady
30-Mar Llanymynech Novice Candy Blue
06-Apr Draycott House BE90 My Harlequin Lady
13-Apr Breckenborough Novice Candy Blue
20-Apr Solihull BE90 My Harlequin Lady
01-May Moreton Morrell BE100/Novice Candy Blue & My Harlequin Lady
11-May Chatsworth 5yo/Novice Candy Blue & My Harlequin Lady
25-May Bishop Burton Novice Candy Blue 
26-May Shelford Manor BE100 My Harlequin Lady
Becci shares one of her Show Jumping Exercise- Improve Your Show Jumping In Just 5 Minutes
The lesson is with Sarah Healy and is a simple exercise you can all do yourselves to improve your horses' showjumping.
In one lesson Candy learned how to collect whilst maintaining impulsion to jump 1.10m fences on difficult line. She also Improved her balance & straightness which in turn helped her to land on the correct leg after a fence, which would set you up nicely in a Showjumping competition.