IS HE HOT OR COLD? How do you know if your horse is too hot or too cold?


Apart from the obvious signs, such as sweating or shivering, how do you really know if your horse is hot or cold?

The most accurate way to know what your horse’s temperature is, is to actually take it with a thermometer, this will certainly put your mind at ease.
However if you just want an indication as to whether he is too hot or cold to help you decide which rug to put on, then here are a couple of pointers…..

To see if he is cold….
Feel his extremities such as lips or ears, if they are cold your horse is feeling a little chilly. His coat will be another indication, just like the hairs on humans arms, his coat may fluff up and stand on end if he’s feeling the cold.

To see if his hot….
Feel around the shoulder area or in between his front legs – When horses are a little too warm, they tend to feel damp and clammy in these areas.
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