SYCAMORE POISONING - Be vigilant in looking for signs of poisoning

Rise in Sycamore poisoning prompts equine insurer to issue advice to horse owners

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Petplan Equine, a leading UK specialist equine insurance provider, is reporting a meteoric rise in the number of calls it is receiving from policy holders with horses suffering Ayptical Myopathy, or more commonly, Sycamore poisoning.

 Sycamore treeSycamore leaves Sycamore seeds ground
SYCAMORE TREE                        SYCAMORE  LEAVES               SYCAMORE SEEDS

A typical Myopathy, is a potentially fatal illness caused by horses ingesting Sycamore seeds. Vets across the UK are reporting alarming increases in the number of cases they are seeing of an illness – the symptoms of which are similar to colic - and are warning owners to be vigilant in protecting their horses and looking for signs of poisoning, especially at this time of year.

Petplan Equine veterinary expert, Gil Riley explains the condition, how it is caused, symptoms to look out for and action to take to help horse owners protect their horses and spot early signs of the illness. Visit to read Gil’s advice.