Why Advertise with Us?

www.horseanswerstoday.com is dedicated to supporting the horse owner, horse rider and the UK Equestrian Industry. We present a unique blend of educational features, tips, and a multitude of products that help improve confidence, grow knowledge and develop the skill and ability of the horse enthusiast.

Our ever growing library of 1000's of easy-to-access, easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement articles is like having an extremely knowledgeable friend that you keep coming back to for more - so there is plenty of opportunity for our visitors to engage directly with the industry that helps them keep their horse's healthy and their riding enjoyable and safe.

So why do our visitors keep coming back?
Its simple we deliver what they ask for.


Their Top 10 Requirements:

  1. A FREE site that is easy to use and navigate.
  2. A site that provides relevant information that can help them, their riding and their horse.
  3. Content that answers and relates to their real needs and talks their language.
  4. Information and advice that builds their confidence and knowledge in owning and riding a horse.
  5. The opportunity to learn new skills and updates them regularly.
  6. Money saving ideas and competitions.
  7. Information and advice they can try and give their own feed back.
  8. Advice that makes riding and owning enjoyable and fun.
  9. Access to affordable products and gear that shows prices and where to purchase.
  10. A site that answers all their questions in one place and allows them to continue their journey of learning with out the interruption of having to buy a magazine.

Female 81% Showing 9%
Average age 25% Jumping 11%
Average years riding 5+ Mixed disciplines 13%
Average number of horses owned 2+ Dressage 21%
Access the internet for their information 73% Eventing and X Country 19%
Own a mobile 99.2% Hacking 27%

(On –line reader survey Feb 2013 Sample size 1825 responses)


Our audiences of active all year- round riders and owners have a desire and passion to seek advice and information that delivers an enjoyable no waffle experience.

Home Page Easy access to all top stories and categories.
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Riding Extensive riding advice and tips across all disciplines – Including – Real Life Stories, Dressage, Flatwork, Lunging, Jumping, Showing, Horse Fitness, Training, Hacking, Q&A, Holidays.
Horse Care Extensive advice and tips on Feeding, Dentistry, Farriery, Hygiene, Grooming, Tack fitting, Q&A and much more.
Behaviour Extensive advice and tips on understanding your horses’ behaviour from the horse and riders perspective.
Veterinary A-Z of horse ailments – From Colic to Laminitis there is something to help every horse
Products Comprehensive showcase to some of the best gear and products for the rider, the horse and the yard.
Newsflash Keeping the horse enthusiast updated on what's happening in the equine world and Industry
Q&A Answering riding, horse care , veterinary, or behaviour queries and letters
New on the Block Introducing new products and services to the equine consumer
Top Tips 100's of Quick tips that help the horse enthusiast with all aspects of owning and riding
Money Saving Offers Offers and savings for the rider, the horse. the yard, the stable
Classified Directory Comprehensive Business Directory for all the horse enthusiast equestrian needs
Competitions Galore Lots of opportunities to win great prizes


We Believe in Creating Partnerships and pride ourselves on being unique and creative. Working hand in hand with the Equine Industry we ensure that we maximize on your brand, products and budget.

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Product Listings A-Z product showcase image and descriptive text detailing products by category IE winter rugs, footwear, feed listing with live link to your company website
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